Garry_Gi_DojoShomenGarry Parker is available for Seminars, Workshops and REACT Tactics Certifications; Bring your physical awareness and practical defense skills to the next level!

For more information on Mr. Parker’s experience and qualifications, click here:


  • Goshukan-Ryu Karate/IOGKA Black Belt Transition Curriculum.
  • Five Ancestor Kenpo (Wu Zhu Quan): Forms (kata), applications, explosive power generation and breathing methods, Iron body training methods.
  • Goshukan-Ryu Karate:  Principles, training methods, Kata, Bunkai, Selected Topics
  • Shuri-Te Karate: Kata bunkai and tuite /joint control, nerve manipulations, close quarter combat.
  • Ladies Self-Protection Workshops
  • Defensive Tactics Certification: Level 1 (Law Enforcement, Armed Security)
  • PRO Security Tactics Certification: Level 1, Level 2. (Professional Security Officers, Unarmed Agents)

Mr. Parker is available for Training Camps, Local, Regional, and International Seminars.

214 202

Seminar Rates:

1/2 day (2-3.5 hours) $350

Full day (4.0-6.0 hours) $500

2 days ( up to 10 hours) $750

*Host(s) will be responsible for (ground or air) transportation and lodging expenses (unless otherwise specified) when the venue is more than 85 miles from Mr. Parker’s home dojo.

CONTACT: for seminar details and availability.


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